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We would like you to get to know us, so that hopefully we can get to know you! 

Several years ago when we started in the Hemp Industry, we did it on literally a Penny and a Prayer! But that was then and this is now! If you are here to learn, I say this to you….do not let anyone tell you that you can’t. If you want it, then go for it! Ask questions, learn, and don’t give up!  That is what we did!

Before Hemp became so popular, we jumped in with all feet! 
We were met with quite a bit of ridicule and laughter. Marijuana was the hot commodity, it definitely was not Hemp. None the less, Hemp had been an interest to our family through many generations of Boone’s. Through stories by our Grand-parents and their Grand-parents carried down about the need and farming of Hemp.

With this knowledge and continual research we knew that the Hemp Plant offered this world so many things. We knew that every single part of the Hemp Plant is usable. From it’s CBD Health Benefits, it’s fibers for textile, to concrete and bug resistant building materials. It helps remove contaminants from the soil, cleans our air. With so many avenues, Hemp Farming would boost the economy with local jobs.

We felt the Hemp Plant was the plant of the future!

We planted our first Hemp field on 1.5 acres, late in the season. There was no real knowledge, tools, or equipment designed for Hemp Farming. We did things by hand, like it had been done for generations. Every step of the way, we repeated the same sentence, “There has to be a better way!” and through the aggravation of how much time the entire process took, we again would say, “There has to be a better way!”  With literally no money to spend, we had to develop a better way -or- fail. We don’t like failing, LOL!  We came up with better way’s to do things through each step of the Hemp Farming Process. A lot of trial and error, blood, sweat, and tears as they say!

By the end of the season, with all our material cleaned, bagged, separated and ready for processing and sale…..Our Profit margin from that tiny little 1.5 acre parcel, netted us….well let’s say around 5,000 Times more than we invested in it.

Our plants grew 12 to 15 ft tall, we yielded 2 to 3 lbs of DRY material per plant with High CBD content and well below THC content.

We became the talk of the town, county, area and pretty soon had people wanting to come see our tiny field from clear across the United States. I do not really know how this happened….except I think a picture of our plants and field spread across the Internet. My son posted it to make fun of me, known as Granny among these giant Marijuana looking plants! All who knew me, knew I never smoked it. So Funny to them all!  

As the next year began, our phone continued to ring, word spread and people were asking to come visit our Facility and learn how we did it. Little did they know our Facility was a rented 1.5 acre field and our first year we lived in a trailer, in the field we were planting in.

We put up old tarps to hang our plants. We built our first Stripper out of plywood, turning it with a drill gun and car belts. Our first Cannon we built out of an old plastic pipe and legs off a vertical bed. Our First Tumbler we built out of garbage cans and wire. We also built a Seed Separator out of golf cart window, plywood and vacuum cleaner. Shakers by nailing a sander to plywood and screen. Oh my, the list goes on. We did this Not because we didn’t know how to build equipment correctly, we did it because we put every penny we had into planting our first field.

That first year brought us into owning our first Company and that grew into starting two more before the years end. From that tiny field we now encompass every aspect of Hemp Farming. From “Seeds to Sales”. Processing our own Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, Fabrication Company, Patents on our Equipment, CBD Products, Developed our own strain of Hemp Plant called, “Super Sour Tsunami”. We carry our own Microbial Tea called, “Boone’s Brew” which is the lifeblood of our plants and that grew into our Consulting Team.

We have since spread across the Globe and are more than Grateful and Thankful for every step of the way.

We never gave up!

Take a look around at what we have to offer and see if we are a fit for you.
We are ready to help!

Thanks for the visit.

The Boone's

Hemp Farming

Don't you wish your hemp farm looked like this? 

Our Mission

As is every aspect of our business. It is our mission to be the most trusted partner for your business. Building a lifelong relationship with our family to perfect and modernize all your Hemp growing and production needs. Farming, extraction, processing, consulting and more.
Each member of our team has extensive knowledge and expertise that contribute largely to the growth of our business. Preparing the company for the next generation.

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