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Hemp Planter


It Lays drip line, lays Filter fabric, Punches holes in soil, Feeds the plants, and provides a platform for the operators to place the plant in the soil.

Our machine can be used on plastic mulch beds, uncovered plant beds and bare flat ground.

Hemp Stripper


The Hemp Stripper,Bucker,or Shucker is intended to dramatically decrease time and manpower necessary for separating flower and leaf material from the stalks and branches of whole plants. This machine only requires one operator but is best suited for two.

Hemp Cannon


The Hemp Cannon style grinder is used to easily break down your Biomass material without damaging or reducing your CBD percentage, while at the same time detaching buds and leaves from sticks and stems.

Hemp Tumbler


Once your Biomass has been shredded with the (Hemp Cannon) our Hemp Tumbler separates your material into various sizes and quantities. 
Just run your material into one end of the Hemp Tumbler. As it moves through the cylinder it is automatically sifted, refined and sorted into three qualities of products

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