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Our Machines are presented in order of their use.

You have to start with planting.

3 row Hemp planting machine

$30,000 - $55,000
Tractor not included

Hemp Robotics has engineered a high-performance multi-use hemp transplanting machine which is both simple and versatile.
Our unique design will mound your soil, apply the drip-tape and mulch fabric while punching holes in the fabric and soil at the same time. Our hole-punch water wheels will apply a shot of water and double as a vitamin/nutrient (“Boone’s Brew”) applicator. This will allow you time to hook-up your irrigation. Our Planters can seat multiple laborers planting up to 3,000 plants in 3 rows per hour, using our most common 3 row planter. (2 to 6 row planters available.) Our machine can be used on plastic mulch beds, uncovered plant beds and bare flat ground.
Since there are many options on how you might like this machine to preform, we allow you the convenience of specifying the size, scale, and your choice of a multitude of performance enhancing options. Therefore, we can tailor the planter to meet your farms planting requirements from 2 row up to 6 rows at a time.
While this heavy-duty steel, 3-pt multi-purpose tractor attachment was designed with hemp transplanting in mind, it can be used for planting any number of seedling types i.e. tomatoes, corn, mint, or etc.…
Unlike our competitors machines our application is done in One Single Pass, saving over-all costs in diesel fuel and labor by up to a quarter. Our competitors machines take up to 4 passes to apply the plant starts.
Our transplanting machine will drastically reduce the cost of labor while simultaneously decreasing the time it takes to get your plants in the ground. This allows for a faster turnover and a longer season, consequently resulting in larger plants and bigger yields

(3 Row Planter) Size: 8’T x 8’L x 15.5’W
3-pt Tractor Attachment
Includes: Shelving to hold plant tray’s - Tank for water and nutrients
Can seat multiple laborers - Plants 3,000 plants in 3 rows per hour
**Specifications change with 2 to 6 row application planter **

Hemp Planter
3 Row Planter
Plants approximately 3,000 plants per hour. Our machines will drastically reduce the cost of labor
Hemp Planter
With just one pass
It Lays drip line, lays Filter fabric, punches holes in soil, feeds the plants, and provides a platform for the operator to place the plant in the soil.
5 Row Planter
Take a look at the short video of the machine in operation.
Hemp Planter
Can we ship you one?
You know you have to start with planting!
Hemp Dryer

Our Hemp-Robotics Dryer

Hemp-Robotics Dryer

As you know, it takes 1 sq ft of drying space to dry 1 lb of Hemp, with a 14 ft ceiling height average.
So, if you need to dry 1 million lbs, it will take 1 million sq ft of drying space. Average cost is $12.00 a sq ft. By utilizing Our Hemp-Robotics Dryers it cuts your cost by the pound tremendously! Reaching up to 75% savings per pound depending on volume.

Unlike our competitors, Hemp-Robotics Dryers are manufactured with the Customer/User in mind by utilizing readily available materials such as shipping containers, stainless steel food grade conveyor belts, food grade lubricants, BPA and PVC free paints and materials.
Hemp-Robotics Dryers are manufactured with a variable speed and temperature control, to ensure drying your product to your standards. By utilizing our variable speed and adjustable temperature controls we can dry your product without over heating and breeching the vapor point of your terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring your product to be dried under a more natural condition “As Nature Intended”. Hemp-Robotics Dryers can run off of 120, 240, 480 Volts -or- 3-phase power. Also available in natural gas, propane -or- biofuels produced from your very own Hemp Seeds! SCORE!
40 ft Units = $180,000.00
10 ft Units = $98,000.00


Built Strong

Built Solid

Hemp-Robotics Dryers are commonly put into a processing line along with the rest of our Hemp-Robotics Equipment. Interlinking the Hemp-Robotics Stripper, Cannon/grinder and Tumbler together with conveyors, eliminating most labor. (Custom quotes available.)
We can Custom manufacture Our Dryer to your farm -or- processing facilities needs. Starting with an 8 x 8 x 10 ft custom Dryer, all the way up to an 8 x 8 x 40 ft which can dry up to 36,000 lbs per day.

40 ft Units = $180,000.00
10 ft Units = $98,000.00

Look at all those Strippers

with an elegant red Hemp Cannon 

Our Famous Hemp Stripper 

"Patent Protected"
The Hemp Stripper/Bucker/Shucker is intended to dramatically decrease time and manpower necessary for separating flower and leaf material from the stalks and branches of whole plants. This machine only requires one operator but is best suited for two.
The operator simply feeds the entire plant into one side of the machine, Yes, the Entire plant, no need to cut off every branch one at a time. The stripper will then strip leaves, buds and material from the whole plant and deposit it into a supersack -or- conveyor belt below. (supersack/conveyor belt not included). The cleaned stalk and branches exit out the discharge side of the machine for easy disposal.
The final product is now ready to be processed into your CBD Oils – or – it can be further refined and separated into material suitable for pre-rolls, bud, keif, seeds etc… Via the “Hemp Cannon” and the “Hemp Tumbler” that we manufacture as well.

The “Hemp Stripper” processes:  
Light Yield: 360 plants at 1 lb per plant = 360 lbs of Processed Material per Hour.
Higher Yield: Has been achieved from 500 lbs to 800 lbs of Processed Material per Hour.

View in Action

The Hemp Stripper is designed to process plants that range from 4 feet to 15 feet tall with a minimum stalk size of 1 inch and a maximum of 4 1/2 inches. Stalks must be rigid and not flimsy. Stripping smaller plants does not work.

Even Green Plants

Stripping Green Plants

Our Hemp Stripper will also strip green plants freshly harvested out of the field. It has proven very successful in saving millions of hours and dollars in labor cost. Stripping green is far more difficult than stripping dry plants and this takes an expert engineer to design and build this type of machine. We are happy to announce that we have mastered this feat better than any other plant strippers on the market.

Our Famous "Hemp Cannon"

Hemp Cannon

$13,000 - 25,000
Price varies depending on size

Contact us to custom order your perfect Cannon

The Hemp Cannon style grinder is used to easily break down your Biomass material without damaging or reducing your CBD percentage, while simultaneously detaching buds and leaves from sticks and stems.

There are various angle settings which allow the user to refine the end product and get it down to any size material desired. The Hemp Cannon will EASILY process 750 lbs per hour.
You simply feed your Bio-mass into the top end of the “Hemp Cannon”. The buds and leaves are broken away from the sticks and stems while also breaking the material down into your desired size. Your product is now ready go to the processor for oil. -OR- if you are preparing your bio-mass for additional products, such as kief, pre-rolls, popcorn buds, flower etc., you can easily accomplish these stages by using our “Hemp Tumbler” next.

Side note: The “Hemp Cannon” also helps to release any seeds that are in your bio-mass for better separation of materials. The more consistent in size your material is, the more it releases the terpenes and cannabinoids giving you a higher yield of CBD per pound.

In our personal experience we took 150 lbs super sack of your usual bio-mass and after refining it down through the “Hemp Cannon” we were able to fit 500 lbs of Bio-mass into the same super sack, saving immense storage space, gaining ease of transportation and saving you shipping costs.
Breaking down your material helps to create more surface area for more efficient extraction.

Over all Dimensions with Stand = 7.5ft L x 5.5ft T x 3ft W = with Stand
Weight: approx. 180 lbs. 110 – 15 AMP With E-Stop

View it in Action

Taking biomass from the Stripper to further refine your product.

It’s as simple as that! After using the Hemp Cannon your material is either immediately ready for use in extractions -or- can be sifted and refined further Via the Hemp Tumbler, which we offer as well.

Can you guess what's coming next?

You guessed it

Here is our
Hemp Tumbler

The Hemp “Tumbler” was created for easy separation of smaller materials.

Once your Biomass has been shredded (Via: Hemp Cannon) our Hemp Tumbler separates your material into various sizes and qualities eliminating most of the work and labor cost.
Just run your material into one end of the Hemp Tumbler. As it moves through the cylinder it is automatically sifted, refined and sorted into three qualities of products: 1. very fine, kief 2.
pre-roll material 3. leaf & popcorn buds . This efficient machine also removes most of the sticks and stems for a much cleaner product, ready for processing.

The 4th and final stage will consist of sticks, stems and over-sized buds, which can be run back through the Hemp-Robotics Cannon and refined even further.  
These stages can be altered to your specifications as to what type of finished product you are looking for.
Depending on the Diameter of the Hemp Tumbler you need will determine it’s size and weight. Ranging from:
6 to 8 ft Long - 4 to 6 ft Tall  
1.5 to 4.5 Wide
Weight = 100 to 300 lbs - 110-20 AMP - E-Stops

Tumbler in Action

Biomass from the Cannon is further refined with the Tumbler

Hemp Tumbler

4 foot Tumbler under construction

4 Foot Tumbler 

The Tumblers are made in 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft Diameters.
The “Hemp Tumbler” will produce up to 2,000 lbs per hour depending on the Diameter of the Tumbler you choose. With the “Hemp Stripper” producing up to 500 to 800 lbs of material an hour, you can set them up as a team and process material on a larger scale. We can help you design a system that works best for you.
Approximate production:
The 1ft will produce 400 lbs per hour
The 2 ft will produce 900 lbs an hour
The 3 ft will produce 1,400 lbs an hour
The 4 ft will produce 2,000 lbs an hour

Hemp Plant


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Equipment Faq's

Hemp Stripper

Our hemp stripper processes 500 lbs or more per hour. The competition is processing 20 lbs per hour with 2 times the man power to operate. With our stripper you do not need to cut the branches off the stalk, simply feed the entire plant through the stripper to yield a very clean biomass, bud and seeds. (Larger Strippers available for custom order.)   Contact us for details

This machine stands roughly 6 feet tall, 5 feet long and 33” wide. Using 50 Amps and 220 volts single phase. Weighing approx. 2,000 lbs.

No, you do not need to do that. The Stripper is designed to do this for you, saving thousands of man hours. At a production rate 4 times faster than our closest competitor. With our Stripper you do not have to cut the branches from the plant by hand, (our stripper does this step for you) using ¼ of the man hours. Once the bud is stripped from the stems it is ready to be processed with the Cannon.

Hemp Cannon

Our smallest model processes 400 - 500 lbs per hour. Producing 10 times more product than the competition.
(Larger Cannons are available for custom orders.) Contact us for details

This machine stands roughly 60” tall, 75” long, and 35” wide. Weighing approximately 500lbs.  
15 amp. 110 volts.

That's a NO NO!. The Cannon is designed to use ONLY product that has been stripped from the whole plant by the Hemp Stripper. It is designed for finer material with smaller branches no larger than 18” long.

We strongly advise against this. These machines are all designed to work in succession, Stripper, Cannon, and Tumbler.  This will take the whole plant and process it to a fine high-quality flower product. Free of stems, debris, and unwanted material. It is possible to operate the Cannon without the Stripper or Tumbler but for the highest production rate, efficiency and quality product we recommend you use all 3 machines together.

The Tumbler

Our smallest 12 inch model processes 80-100lbs per hour. (larger 24 in and 48 inch Tumblers available for custom order.)

The 12 inch machine stands roughly 50” tall and 20” wide, and 7ft. long. Weighing approx.200lbs
15 amps on 110 volts

No! The Tumbler is designed to take the ground buds and flower that the Cannon has produced and separate this product into individual containers of very fine kief, pre roll material, leaf and popcorn buds. Oversized buds and sticks are processed out the other end. We can customize the tumbler to yield the type of product your looking for.

General Questions

No, No, and No.  This is prohibitive because of the Logistics and shipping costs.

Yes you can. Contact our engineer for various design options. Within reason all of the machines can be made to operate at a larger scale.    Did you want cupholders on your planter?

90 day warranty on Replacement parts. Labor and travel are not included.

50% down upon order date, the remaining 50% due on shipping date. Please call for details.

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